A slice of England

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Here are some pics from one of our favorite areas in the U.K. It's often overlooked as crowds head down to the far West of Devon and Cornwall. This is North Somerset and Devon border where Exmoor meets the sea. It is peaceful, very scenic and steeped in history which includes legends of King Arthur.
  1. "Making camp"
  2. Our second home.
  3. Compact trailer.
  4. Lets have a look.
  5. The Stable bar. [good beer ! ]
  6. The Farmhouse.
  7. Erosion. The effects of the tides.
  8. Sunset
  9. The Beach
  10. What remains of the harbour wall. There used to be a big slipway to the beach where horse and carts used to haul deliverys of coal from Wales up to...
  11. Watchet harbour, home of the "Ancient Mariner".
  12. These small cells are a common site, a tiny concrete cell where they used to throw the town drunks for the night
  13. With little warning for tourists, this road has a river running through it, not a problem for the locals.
  14. Who say's money doesn't grow on trees ? 
It looks like who ever put a coin in the dead wood started a craze.
  15. Tarr steps, an ancient clapper bridge.
  16. The clapper bridge has been rebuilt using the same stone many times due to flood waters washing it away.
  17. Dunster, an old Yarn market town with it's own castle.
  18. Very English !
  19. Coastal Exmoor
  20. Porlock Wier, one of many small harbours.
  21. Watersmeet. Seveeral rivers converge and run out to sea further down the river at Lynton.
  22. Watersmeet
  23. Exmmor stream
  24. Exmoor roads get very narrow.
  25. Take the water
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