Roadtrip #4A - Sedona, AZ and back

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Due to the lure of a free week's stay at a timeshare resort, we were able to come back to Sedona for Spring 2009 and get in some more central Arizona hot spots, logging 2,137 miles. We also fit in some southeast AZ locations as well as the capital.
  1. This is the set of the O.K. Corral shootout in Tombstone, AZ, where they re-enact the 20 second event from the late 1800s.
  2. The Tombstone Courthouse, built in 1882, was first on our list of things to check out.
  3. A raptor greets the visitors at a McDonalds on the corner of Hwy 90 and I-10 in Benson, AZ.
  4. The Bird Cage Theatre was on the edge of town in Tombstone, AZ.
  5. Wyatt Earp and his crew overlook the spectators making sure nobody causes a ruckus.
  6. The re-enactment of the O.K. Corral shootout is what cause people to come here to Tombstone, AZ.
  7. Inside the Birdcage Theatre museum, it was littered with historic relics, while preserving the 2nd-floor seating rooms which made up the house.
  8. The Boothill Graveyard had rows and rows of the townsfolk that used to reside in Tombstone, AZ. Many of them were unknown, but a few contained famous...
  9. The World's Largest Rosebush resides here in Tombstone, AZ. It wasn't in bloom, but it was still huge. I couldn't fit it into one shot.
  10. The Bisbee Queen Mines tour has you wear a slicker, hard hat, and flashlight.
  11. The old buildings of Bisbee, AZ made up the downtown area.
  12. Viewing caskets (big and small) were on display inside the Birdcage Theatre museum in Tombstone, AZ.
  13. This pit was just outside the mines of Bisbee, with a vat of sulfur at the bottom.
  14. Our guide, Sonny, told us a joke about lighting matches while sitting on what you'd call the mine crapper while on the Bisbee Queen Mines Tour.
  15. Our Queen Mine Tour train was preparing to take us 1500 feet into the Bisbee mines.
  16. This photo is a little washed out, but it's the only one with the van that gives a perspective of how big the columns are in Chiricahua National...
  17. Rocks towered over both sides of the road as we headed up to the top of Chiricahua National Monument.
  18. From Massai Point, many rock spires were the prominent feature of the Chiricahua National Monument.
  19. This Saguaro cactus in a Sun City West residential neighborhood was starting to bloom.
  20. The old capitol building, now turned into a museum, sits in the heart of Phoenix, AZ.
  21. The USS Arizona model was found in the first floor wing of the Arizona Capitol Museum.
  22. This is up atop Bell Rock, looking east into the valley of Sedona, AZ.
  23. Rock formations and clouds made for a warm breezy day in Sedona, AZ.
  24. Bell Rock was the closest formation to our resort, and as such was the only one I made an attempt to hike.
  25. This mansion is owned by the patent owner of Lasik, and sits below the Chapel of the Holy Cross.
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