Roadtrip #1 - The Lower 48 States in 30 Days

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The first roadtrip I ever took was by far the longest one. During the Summer of 2005, I took my 2 best friends on a 12,537 mile romp around the contiguous United States. The goal was to set foot in all 48 states, which I accomplished in 27.5 days.

NOTE: This album is chronologically backwards. Start on the last page and work your way back. Hopefully I'm able to re-order this in the near future.
  1. We visited the Apple, Inc. headquarters in Cupertino, CA but they were closed for the weekend.
  2. Some crazy coaster in Santa Cruz, CA
  3. One of the downed redwood trees in the Redwoods National Park in north California
  4. The Golden Gate bridge in San Fransisco, CA
  5. Capcom LTD headquarters in Sunnyvale, CA (if you don't know who they are, they're responsible for popular video game franchises such as Street...
  6. A visit to the Nintendo HQ in Redmond, WA
  7. Up the Space Needle we go in Seattle, WA
  8. A sunset behind Portland, OR
  9. Wildfires lighting it up off I-95 past Missoula, MT
  10. A view of Lake Coeur d'Alene in Idaho
  11. The roadtripping trio in Coeur d'Alene, ID
  12. The famous butte in Scottsbluff, NE
  13. A rainbow appeared in our rear view mirror in northwest Wyoming
  14. A humongous Yellowstone Lake was most of our scenery during our passthrough of Yellowstone National Park, WY
  15. We visited the "Field of Dreams" movie set/baseball field in Dyersville, IA
  16. A busy time during the Sturgis motorcycle event. Everyone came to see Mount Rushmore near Keystone, SD
  17. A relatively new carving in the mountain, Crazy Horse, was going on nearby on Hwy 385, closer to Custer, SD
  18. The "World's Largest Weather vane" in Montague, MI, although I need clarification on that because the Guiness Book of Records declares...
  19. A view of the north end of Chicago, IL, from the top of the Sears Tower
  20. That's the Sears Tower in Chicago, IL. All the way up and down we went.
  21. We went down to the base of Niagara Falls, NY
  22. How can you have Canada at your footstep and not cross over? We spent about 30 minutes with the Canucks in their version of Niagara Falls.
  23. Our tour of Boston, MA consisted of the Freedom Trail
  24. The view of south Manhattan from the top of the Empire State Building, in New York City, NY
  25. Tom watches Lady Liberty watching the sunset
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