Roadtrip #5 - Washington DC and the New England states

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With the Fall of 2009, we flew to our nation's capital and set out on a 2,737-mile journey around the northeast states, raking in the sights of the big historic cities and more national parks/monuments. The peaking fall foliage was a nice touch as well.
  1. The markers of Arlington National Cemetery in Virgina are mathematically placed to make for an aesthetically pleasing pattern.
  2. The Iwo Jima Memorial in Arlington, VA stood across the street from our hotel.
  3. The first night we arrive in Washington, DC, I convinced my folks to go downtown for a few night shots of the US Capitol.
  4. A military funeral walked past us in the streets of Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia.
  5. Preparing for the Changing of the Guard, done every hour (in Wintertime) at the Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia.
  6. The lone guard makes his patrol, rain or shine, keeping a watchful eye on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at the Arlington National Cemetery in...
  7. Standing by one of the most famous memorials found in Washington, DC, the Lincoln Memorial.
  8. The outside of the Lincoln Memorial sits at the western edge of the National Mall in Washington, DC.
  9. Someone please ask us why we decided to walk the Arlington Memorial Bridge (leading from Arlington, VA to Washington, DC) in the pouring rain. I...
  10. The family has to show their origination. Choose yours when you visit the World War II National Memorial in Washington, DC.
  11. The World War II Memorial, adjacent to the reflecting pool in the National Mall of Washington DC, has always been my personal favorite.
  12. The Korean War Monument can be found on the southwestern side of the reflecting pool in the National Mall of Washington DC.
  13. One of the museums we toured in Washington, DC was the Natural History Museum. They have all branches of life exhibited here.
  14. The Smithsonian Castle in Washington, DC is your starting point when attempting to decide what museums to visit for the day.
  15. The Metro subways are our most dearest friend after walking for miles in Washington, DC.
  16. The famous balcony in Ford's Theatre, Washington DC, where President Lincoln was assassinated.
  17. We find the gun that killed President Lincoln at Ford's Theatre in Washington, DC.
  18. The "back" of the US Capitol as we headed to the visitor center in Washington, DC.
  19. The Liberty Bell is on display at the Independence National Historical Park in Philadelphia, PA.
  20. We made sure to get in the 30-minute tour of Independence Hall located in Philadelphia, PA.
  21. On State Route 50, the toll Bay Bridge near Annapolis, MD crosses Chesapeake Bay.
  22. Our ferry for the day was Miss Ellis Island, which fittingly shuttled us to Ellis Island and Liberty Island National Monuments in New York.
  23. The inside of the Ellis Island Museum in New York used to be where millions of immigrants were processed.
  24. We arrive at Ellis Island National Monument in New York and prepare to enter the museum.
  25. Dad expresses his relief as he descends the twin helix stairs from the crown of the Statue of Liberty in New York.
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