Billings to Stanley

  1. Goose Island below the glaciers and snow capped peaks.
  2. Barely room for one vehicle
  3. The road from above
  4. The view which greeted Lewis and Clark
  5. Pics 013
  6. Pics 014
  7. Pics 015
  8. Log Cabin, Sawtooth Mountains, Idaho
  9. The moon-like landscape in Yellowstone
  10. Elk
  11. Bison and their young.
  12. Deer on the road, just inside Yellowstone
  13. Moose nursing her hours old calf
  14. Admiring her off-spring
  15. Top of the world Store, Motel and Gas.
  16. A road through snow covered fields.
  17. Such a clean environment on such a clear day... it was beautiful!
  18. Beartooth Highway - worth the effort!
  19. Just one of the hairpin bends to which this great highway treats the motorist.
  20. I 90 Montana
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