2008 Calendar

Seems that the pictures load 'back to front', so these are Dec thru Jan.
  1. December - Four Corners (27th May, 2007).  Of that group of dozens of motor bikes, this one had to be the best.   He was too shy to have his photo...
  2. September - Columbia River Gorge, OR 16th June, 2007.  I stand in awe of the volume of water in North American rivers... while we struggle with the...
  3. October - Cape Canaveral, FL 8th August, 2007.  Many of these folk had been there all day, waiting for the shuttle launch.  A dear friend in Orlando...
  4. November - I-84 near Pendleton, OR 17th June, 2007.  There were many opportunities to take pictures of sunsets. This is one of my favourites, with...
  5. June - Durango to Silverton railway, CO 22nd May, 2007.  High above the Animas River the little steam engine clings to the mountain side.
  6. July - Grand Canyon, North Rim, AZ 30th May, 2007.  Full moon at sunset... how lucky can you get!
  7. August - Grand Canyon, North Rim, AZ 30th May, 2007.  The Colorado River viewed through Angels Window.
  8. March - Cottonwood Falls, KS 28th April, 2007.  The main street at 2.30pm on a Saturday... and not a soul in sight!
  9. April - Mesa Verda, CO 25th May, 2007.  Ranger tour through Cliff Palace.   You have to see it to comprehend the extend of it.
  10. May - Death Valley, CA 3rd June, 2007.  The colours of Death Valley amazed me.
  11. Front Cover - Medano Creek, Great Sand Dunes NP.  Cross this creek to climb the dunes.
  12. January - Medano Creek, Great Sand Dunes NP.  She was 11 months, and dad was just out of the picture.
  13. February - Niagara Falls, 15th April, 2007.  Ice floating under the Rainbow Bridge.  The tourist season had not yet opened, and there was still lots...
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