Apache Trail, Arizona

The Apache Trail runs 45 miles between Lake Roosevelt (near Tonto National Monument) and Apache Junction, east of Phoenix, Arizona. Most of it is unpaved. It is arguably the most beautiful drive in southern Arizona.
  1. Back to civilization to try prickly pear ice cream at Tortilla Flat
  2. Back to pavement as we climb the canyon wall
  3. Looking to the southeast from whence we came
  4. Facing east
  5. As you head west you'll see rock formations reminiscent of northern Arizona/ southern Utah.
  6. Heading to the twisting roads going up toward Tortilla Flat
  7. Approaching the one-lane bridge
  8. Saguaros were in bloom
  9. One of the few signs
  10. Well groomed dirt road
  11. Starting from the eastern end of the Apache Trail
  12. Apache Lake (a mile or so below the Roosevelt Dam)
  13. Arizona in bloom in May 2007
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