CA>NV>AZ>UT>CO>KS>NM>AZ>CA Loop Trip May 2014

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So' Cal' to Colorado and back with stops in National Parks and Monuments
  1. Block 8D (where my dad was incarcerated)
  2. Reconstructed guard tower and water tower. The Amache Preservation Society got the original water tank moved back to the site and even got good from...
  3. Memorial for internees who volunteered to fight and die for their country
  4. Grave marker at the Amache cemetary
  5. Diorama of Amache layout
  6. Wood crafts made by internees during the war
  7. Amache Museum in Granada, CO
  8. I saw a number of old (late 19th/ early 20th century) buildings partially boarded up that I thought were abandoned until I saw the satellite dishes...
  9. The Kansas side of the CO/KS border marker along the Santa Fe Trail
  10. Beautiful downtown Coolidge, KS
  11. "Scenic" can mean different things to different people (US 50 east near the CO/KS border)
  12. Madonna of the Trail (Lamar, CO)
  13. The courtyard in Bent's Old Fort (including the bison hide press)
  14. The trading room inside Bent's Old Fort
  15. Bent's Old Fort
  16. Bent's Old Fort National Historic Park(near Las Animas, CO)
  17. Small town charm is seen in the proximity of the local bank and newspaper (Rocky Ford, CO).
  18. Small towns on the western plains seem to ooze Americana, giving the road tripper a taste of bygone days.
  19. Downtown Fowler, CO (US 50 east)
  20. The Garden of the Gods is a must-see when traveling through Colorado Springs.
  21. We took US 34 out of the park and stopped at the Fall River Visitor Center.
  22. It would have been nice to have been able to afford to stay at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park.
  23. An elk iPod?
  24. On the way to West Horseshoe Park on US 36
  25. Bear Lake usually reflects the mountains to the west, but on May 14 it only reflected snow.
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