Backroads - Spokane through Steven's Pass

In June 2008, we attended a convention in Spokane and meandered home via some backroads we haven't visited in quite awhile. Check it out. (Yeah, only a couple pictures now to test this baby out, but I'll add more later.) Gosh, the pictures do go up backwards. I'll have to start over loading them last first so they appear in the right order. Odd.
  1. We did take the interstate, I-90, on the way to Spokane.  Even on June 12th, there was still a bit of snow at the Snoqualmie Pass ski area.
  2. Who could resist stopping to enjoy this beautiful view of the Columbia River going through the Vantage area?  Picture taken from parking lot for the...
  3. And here's the Wild Horses.  A very cool statue overlooking that majestic Columbia River landscape!
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