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Seascape Restaurant
Trinidad, California

Seascape RestaurantThe Seascape Restaurant's address is "at the Trinidad Bay Pier," and when you get there, you realize that a number would be overkill. All roads in the tiny fishing hamlet of Trinidad lead to the pier, and the Seascape is the only restaurant there. Opened by the Hallmark Family 35 years ago, the building is so close to the water you feel as though you're on a boat. As you eat, you can see the fishing fleet come in, watch whales migrate, or enjoy seals playing in the surf.

But wait, there's more! You get to enjoy the Seascape's menu, too. We tried the lunch special of cod and pasta and a grilled smoked salmon sandwich. That meant we had to pass up several other appealing sandwiches, and a breakfast menu that's served until 4 p.m! It's no wonder that wherever we went in Humboldt County, people asked us, "Have you eaten at the Seascape yet?" No visit to California's north coast would be complete without a stop there.

The Seascape Restaurant
At the Trinidad Bay Pier
Trinidad, CA


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