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Samoa Cookhouse
Eureka, California

Samoa CookhouseThe Samoa Cookhouse has been serving up lumberjack-size meals since 1893. For the last twenty-odd years, the public has been invited to share in the bounty, so we saved up an appetite and had lunch there today.

There's no menu at the Samoa Cookhouse. You get what the cook's serving, which today was salad, soup, roast pork, mashed potatoes, home-made bread and peach cake with whipped cream. Our server, Chris Tallmadge, of Eureka, CA, offered us seconds on everything. Since we weren't going out to fell trees all afternoon, we felt it better to decline. Well, okay, we did have more mashed potatoes. They were Mark gets "seconds"just too hard to resist. After lunch, Rose Harrington, Samoa Cookhouse's manager, showed us the museum of culinary relics and the history of the lumber industry.

If you find ever find yourself on Highway 101 near Eureka, we hope you're feeling hungry. Even if you aren't, you won't regret a stop at the Samoa Cookhouse, the last genuine lumberjack eatery in the West.

Samoa Cookhouse, on Humboldt Bay, 4 minutes from Eureka, CA, across the Samoa Bridge
Mailing address: 445 W. Washington St., Eureka, CA 95501
Telephone: (707) 442-1659
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