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The Gravity Bar
Seattle, Washington

The Gravity BarThere's more to Seattle than the Space Needle, Mount Ranier and espresso! There's the Gravity Bar, a unique vegetarian eatery owned by Laurrien Gilman which has just celebrated a decade of serving Seattle's other beverage, juice.

We're not talking ordinary juice. If you want frozen O.J., the Gravity Bar is not for you. This is a place where 'fresh' means 'growing on the premises,' and flats of lush 'wheat grass' waiting for harvest line one wall. The rest of the decor is part Star Trek and part Bauhaus, with a dash of Clockwork Orange thrown in as an accent.

The menu is in a class by itself, offering a comprehensive selection of fruit and vegetable juices as well as a panoply of salads, soups, sandwiches and imaginative vegan dishes. Tofu, tempeh, quinoa and brown rice are coupled with a variety of sauces and vegetables. Names like "Holy Mary" and "Bathing Rama" make you think you just might gain salvation or enlightenment along with dinner.

Capping off the memorable bill of fare is the "Gravity Bar Pharmacy," which offers such drinks as "Liver Flush" (grapefruit, lemon, garlic, olive oil and cayenne), "Mayan Ruin (orange, pineapple, yogurt and spirulina), and "Mr. Rogers on Amino Acid" (pineapple, orange, banana, yogurt and amino acids).

We opted for the drink that makes the Gravity Bar green, wheat grass. In front of our eyes, Katie (pictured above) cut the shoots and poured the shots. Just to make sure she got the true Gravity Bar experience, Megan downed a "Milano," a double shot of wheat grass laced with a healthy dose of fresh garlic. It was a lingering experience.

Gravity Bar
415 Broadway E (in the Broadway Market)
Seattle, WA 98112
Telephone: (206) 325-7186


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