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Jimmy's Krazy Greek Restaurant
Fountain Hills, Arizona

Jimmy's Krazy Greek Restaurant

by Gerald D. Thurman

[GETTING THERE][HELPFUL LINKS] asked me, via e-mail, if I would visit Jimmy's Krazy Greek Restaurant located in Fountain Hills, Arizona. I used Yahoo!Maps to get driving directions between my starting location at Scottsdale Community College and the Krazy Greek in Fountain Hills. Yahoo told me I had an 18 mile drive that would take 29 minutes. Yahoo!Maps did a great job. I left SCC at 11:00 a.m. and drove 19 miles in 32 minutes to Jimmy's Krazy Greek Restaurant.

I had the feeling the Krazy Greek was going to be a friendly place. I did not want a free meal; therefore, I left my camera in the car and decided I would speak to them after the bill for my lunch had been paid. I entered the restaurant and was told to sit where I pleased. I picked a booth in the middle of the mostly empty restaurant (it was 11:30am on a hot mid-September Friday). I knew immediately that this was indeed a friendly place operated by a tightly knit family unit. It was nicely decorated with lots of art and memorabilia.


I ordered a gyro sandwich that came with fries. The menu reminded me that gyro is pronounced yee-roh. When my lunch arrived, I just had to take a picture. The gyro was excellent and the fries were nicely done.

I suspect taking a picture of my food caused the Krazy Greek to be suspicious of me (they may have even thought me krazy). When the waiter brought my check she insisted that she knew who I was. I assured her she didn't. She asked if I had come from far away and I told her I came from Scottsdale. It was obvious that she knew I just wasn't some guy who dropped in for a lunch, so I gave her a printed copy of the email message I had received from Upon reading the email, she bolted into the kitchen to tell the others.

Immediately I was invited into kitchen area of the restaurant to take pictures. This was one of the cleanest looking kitchens I've ever been in. While I was in there, the restaurant filled with people, and that limited the rest of my picture taking. I did manage to get a picture of a patriotic tree and an old poster.

I will definitely return to Jimmy's Krazy Greek Restaurant.


RTA Editor's Note: We first enjoyed the hospitality of the Carres family in April, 1997, when we had the good fortune to have lunch at their first restaurant on Saguaro Blvd. If you stop by Jimmy's Krazy Greek, be sure and say hello to Christina, Dina, Jimmy, & Rita Carres. The family is originally from Cyprus. They'll treat you like family while you are enjoying some of the best food to be had in greater Phoenix metroplex.


Jimmy's Krazy Greek Restaurant
18758 Glenbrook Blvd.
Fountain Hills, AZ 85288

Jimmy's Krazy Greek Restaurant is about 32 miles (about 47 minutes) from downtown Phoenix.

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