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Flying Car heads for the horizion

March 20th, 2009

I want one of these — although think about kinds of crashes that could develop if the driver wasn’t paying 100% attention to the “road”.

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February 24th, 2009

The NASCAR car haulers are coming into town and they are staging at the lot directly north of the South Point Casino. Some very cool trucks are parked out there.

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Most, if not all, of the trucks will be participating in a parade up the strip on Thursday the 26th. The colorful NASCAR team haulers, transporting the Sprint Cup race cars that will compete later that week in the Shelby 427, will parade north on the Strip starting at about 10:00 am. They will drive north Sahara and then back on I-15 for the short drive to the LV International Speedway. The speedway expects 48-50 haulers to take part in the parade,

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Trailer Tent.

February 20th, 2009

When we are not road tripping in the US enjoying the open road with an RV we like to head off in our trailer tent. We also have what you call “pop ups” over here in the UK but the type of trailer tent we use is quite rare. It is very light and smaller than most,  easy to tow and easy to get down the smallest of lanes or up the steepest of hills.

The real beauty is that it is very quick and easy to get erected.  This is much to the disappointment of the caravaners who like to turn the sun chairs in the direction of anyone arriving with a tent and sit there giggling,pointing fingers and pulling faces while you are trying to sort out where each pole belongs and getting frustrated. [Been there done that] Funny how some people get their entertainment!

Anyway here’s our “second home.”


OK. We get it level on the ground and put the adjustable legs on the luggage rack [handy for carrying gear if using a small tow car] ready to open it.  Open the rear door and release the catch inside that is holding it shut.


We then open it out and, to the disappointment of those onlookers wanting entertainment, there is only one short pole that inserts inside the poles in each half to make it one solid bar.


They start to think, “There must be a lot more poles in there somewhere” as they look on. Well no there aren’t — all we have to do now is pull it over like a pram hood, peg the front down and extend the poles to tighten the canvas.


Inside there is enough room to store fold away tables and chairs, fridge, portable TV, gas cooker and bottle, Porta potti,lamps, electric cable  and all the other bits and bobs you might need. There are two inner tents that turn each part of the trailer into two separate bedrooms at night and into a settee during the day. It basically has everything we need stowed inside.


And there we are, all ready to crack open a can or two and light the BBQ.  Although it takes some time to do all the little bits for a longer stay in the same place, for an overnighter you could have it ready for a nights kip in less than half an hour. All in all a good little unit if you like that sort of thing.


My Favorite Magazine?

February 13th, 2009

Overland Journal -- One of the best magazines "Out There"
(Photo courtesy of the Overland Journal)
I receive scores of travel books and magazines every month, but there is one periodical that I hoard with guilty pleasure…. No, get your mind back on track… I’m talking serious road trip fun. I was a charter subscriber to the Overland Journal and it continues to enrich and enhance my life. I don’t receive any form of remuneration of any kind for promoting this magazine — but I love reading it and everyone I have ever given a copy to shares my appreciation for a product that is extraordinarily well done. Click here for the newest information about the amazing trips and gear that they document.

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Ultimate Road Trip Truck

February 13th, 2009
The Ultimate in Road Trip Travel?  (courtesy of SuperTruck)

The Ultimate in Road Trip Travel? (courtesy of SuperTruck)

My better half would divorce me and/or leave me in a hot second if I ever acquired one of these beauties… But, I love the creativity of some of these trucks. Built by Chris Walker and George Stickler, owners of Southeast Utilities, — these bad boys are mostly built on a Ford 650 chassis although they do build on Freightliner and GMC super chassis. The company, creates about 50 super trucks a year on a custom-order basis — Scroll down through this page and check out the “Outback” model!

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