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The IceDozer Plus

Geneviève Lauzière
Geneviève Lauzière
Gen uses the IceDozer Plus after a snowstorm on March 19th.

Trying Out the IceDozer

"The Best Ice Scraper I Have Ever Used"


While record temperatures are beginniing to spread warmth around the American southwest, the Midwest and northeastern regions of the country are still locked in winter's deep freeze. Even though we'd all probably rather be thinking about beaches and bathing suits, we sent the IceDozer Plus, a new ice-scraping tool, to Geneviève Lauzière in Quebec, where winter is hanging on with a vengeance this year. She conducted some field trials.

If you think there is nothing new or exciting in the world of ice scrapers, you'd be wrong. This tool is unlike anything you have probably ever seen. Check out the caterpillar-like scraping teeth on the bottom edge of the photo to the right. It turns out that the original designer of this product, Marvin Weinberger, adapted some of the technology usually reserved for heavy construction tractors in the design of this ice scraper. One of the first things that grabbed my attention when I looked at this product was the amazing set of directions that it comes with. Click here for more information about specific techniques for removing ice from windshields and other parts of your car.

Geneviève tested the Ice Dozer Plus in the middle of a snowstorm that blanketed Granby, Quebec on March 19, 2007. This is her field report:

"Well basically, I think the IceDozer is a great product. I think the ice scraper is definitely the most impressive feature. I've never used an ice scraper that works as well as this one before. You don't even need to put a lot of pressure to break the ice, even when the layer is pretty thick. The handle has a lot of grip and is not slippery even if you have winter gloves on. The two-sided handle makes it easy to use with one or both hands. On the other hand, the broom is not thick and large enough. Its lack of thickness makes the snow accumulate on the broom and every 2-3 strokes, you have to clean the snow off of the broom.

The fact that the broom is not large enough and that the handle is not long enough is also a little annoying because it takes the user more time to clear the snow off the vehicle. Moreover, if the user is not very tall, he won't be able to reach certain areas of the vehicle, like the roof for instance. However, the fact that the handle is shorter makes it easier to store in the back of the car than most brooms with a telescopic handle and the fact that the broom is pretty narrow makes it easier to clean up the headlights. I would definitely recommend that product to anyone. In fact, it is the best ice scraper I have ever used."

Cost is about $18.00

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