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"Railway Through the Past" by Fleta Carol in Cloquet, Minnesota
Photographed by Rod Ness of Hermantown, Minnesota
Railway Through the Past
Rod Ness

Cloquet, Minnesota, is the largest city in Carlton County. Located just north of Interstate 35, it's about 20 miles west of Duluth and Lake Superior. The Carlton County Historical Society has been instrumental in commissioning a number of murals depicting historical events and locations in and around Carlton County. This beautiful 16 x 60-foot mural by Fleta Carol was completed in summer, 2003, and depicts a 1890s steam engine leaving a logging operation and crossing a bridge constructed of massive timbers.

The mural is on an exterior wall of the Korman Law office building at 1102 Cloquet Avenue. There are several other murals gracing walls in downtown Cloquet, Minnesota.


Photographed by Rod Ness on May 21, 2006
Posted on RoadTrip America 6/06

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