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Megan Edwards


Megan Edwards is founder, editor, designer, writer, and book reviewer for RoadTrip America®. She is the author of Roads from the Ashes, the story of RoadTrip America's evolution from its beginning in a California wildfire. Megan has always been "an idea person." Not all of her ideas are practical or achievable, but many aren't bad, like the idea to put RoadTrip America on the Web back in February, 1996.

An "Army brat," Megan spent her childhood on the move, which is probably why she has a terminal case of wanderlust. She holds a B.A. from Scripps College in classics and an M.A. from Claremont Graduate University. During her fifteen-year career as a teacher and school principal, she lived and worked in Germany, Greece, California, Texas, and Nevada. Currently, Megan spends most of her time in Las Vegas, where, in addition to her work for RoadTrip America, she writes novels and publishes Living Las Vegas, her observations and discoveries about life in the fastest-growing boomtown in America.

While she never took a road trip she didn't like, Megan is particularly fond of hitting the road solo every once in a while. "It's a great way to get fresh perspectives, and it always gives my confidence and creativity a huge boost," she "If you're feeling stuck, start driving!"


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