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    Default Craters of the Moon

    Craters of the Moon National Monument is an incredibly cool place to wander about. I know that Gerald Thurman has been here recently, anyone else checked this place out?

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    Hi Mark -

    I've been there also, and frankly we weren't that impressed. BUT, you have to remember we come from a part of the country where we regularly see sights like this -- much lava and all kinds of interesting formations. I'd be curious what others think.

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    I've seen the Craters of the Moon, the lava fields on the McKenzie Pass in Oregon, Lava Beds NM in northern CA, Valley of Fires NRA in New Mexico, and assorted other lava fields. I think they're all pretty cool!! Maybe I'm easily pleased? :-)

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    We saw craters of the moon this year and greatly enjoyed it. The lava tubes are especially impressive.

    My boys wanted to know why it was called craters of the moon ? I could not find out the answer, does anybody else know ?

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  5. Default How it got its name

    If you'll follow this link to the National Park Service's site, you can find the answer to your boys' question! Go to the History and Culture section, click on the "Timeline" and down at the bottom, you'll see a link to an essay titled "An Unearthly Experience." (I tried to link to it directly but couldn't make it work.) Anyway, the answer is in that essay! Bob

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    Many thanks, I must have read something like this quote from the essay before

    "In the 1960s, when NASA astronauts were looking for an encounter that would somehow prepare them for what they might experience on the moon, one of the places they chose to visit was Craters of the Moon."

    Because I told my boys that I thought it was an astronaut training place. However, I now know the following (for the benefit of those not bothered enough to follow Bobs instructions)

    "1924 the area was proclaimed a National Monument and named "Craters of the Moon" because it was thought the place resembled the surface of the moon as seen through a telescope."

    Many thanks again


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    Default Mars Hill


    Another "other worldly" place is Mars Hill -- just off the highway in Death Valley NP near the Devil's Golfcourse. The topography and color of the rocks in the area looks like much of the surface of the red planet and NASA used it to train their rovers. I have some photos that I will post upon my return to the office this week.


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    We have camped there a couple of times, the last in May, 04. I love the place - for a small campground, the sites are well isolated. The road through the sites is a bit cramped - don't try to take your 40'er, but great for tenting & small RV's. Be sure to bring a flashlight if you plan to explore the lava tubes. It is neat to see the ice inside even in August!

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