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    Default Aussies travelling from LA to NY via DC

    Hi Guys,

    Thank you everyone to feedback on my prevoius posts. After much research, below is my planned road trip to from LA to NY via Washington.

    We managed to get a friend in the US to post the Walmart Raod Atlas 2005 which to Australia. I found it fantastic, and for $4.97 its a bargain!

    Any suggestions or things to seel along the way would be greatly appreciated.

    Day, Leg, Travel time
    1 LA
    2 LA
    3 LA
    4 Road Trip: LA to Las vegas 4.2hrs
    5 Las Vegas 0
    6 Road Trip: Las Vegas to Grand Canyon 4hrs
    7 Grand Canyon to Albuquerque 6hrs
    8 Albuquerque to Sante Fe 2hrs
    9 Sante Fe to Amarilo 3.50hrs
    10 Amarilo to oklahoma City 3.54hrs
    11 Oklahoma City to Berryville (Ft Smith) 3.3hrs
    12 Berryville to Memphis 4.3hrs
    13 Memphis to Nashville 3.15hrs
    14 Nashville to Lexington 3.15hrs
    15 Lexington to Somewhere 4hrs
    16 Somewhere to Washington 4hrs
    17 Washington 0
    18 Washington to Philadelphia 2hrs
    19 Philadelphia to New York 2hrs
    20 New York
    21 New York
    22 New York
    23 New York



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    Default Hint: Add hours!

    Quote Originally Posted by Rodney.AU
    Thank you everyone to feedback on my prevoius posts. After much research, below is my planned road trip to from LA to NY via Washington.
    Looks like a pretty good route -- but there is one serious flaw... I don't think any of the time intervals are reasonable or even possible. However, if you add 1-2 hours for every leg -- I think it will work out. I really would like to meet the driver than can drive from LA to Las Vegas in 4.2 hours! Of course, it matters where in LA is the starting point, but if you were coming from the beach (Santa Monica) it would be six hours to reach LV. And the leg from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon -- 6.5 hours would be pushing it! On the east coast, you would need a police escort to get from Philadelphia to Washington DC in under three hours with the normal traffic delays.

    So, best advice -- use these times as fanciful goals and see what happens.

    Have fun.


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