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    Default Looking for "best of breed" tips and solutions

    We hope you will post some of your best ideas, tips and discoveries for stretching your road trip dollars here!

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    Default Cutting down on food costs

    Carry an ice chest and don't eat out all the time. Carry drinks so you don't have to pay high prices at gas stations.

    Breakfast and lunch are so easy to make on the road. Orange juice and ceral with milk, breakfast bar or a peanut butter sandwitch. Carry lunchmeat and bread for lunches. Fruit, dried fruit, jerky, chips, crackers, candy for snacks purchased at a grocery store will save money.

    If you invest in a camp stove, then you can even make hot meals. There are plenty of rest areas on the interstates to stop and cook a quick meal. Many cities have parks where you can BBQ.


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    Carolyn Worl Guest

    Default cheap eating on the road

    I agree with the last poster. I always take a cooler full of snacks and drinks, and a picnic basket with paper plates, cups, etc. Ice is easy to find at gas stations and convenience stores, but the snack items are a bit expensive there. I look for large supermarkets and get my food there.

    Also, this saves a lot of time, which allows for more sightseeing since waiting to be seated, to order and then for food preparation is done away with. We always eat breakfast and lunch out of our cooler, and then have a sit down and be waited on dinner at a medium priced restaurant.

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    Default The Art of the Cheap RoadTrip

    A new article by Robert Schaller and Geneviève Lauzière profiles some of the tips and techniques they use for saving money while on the road. Click here to read about the <a href = "">Art of the Cheap RoadTrip<a/>.


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