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    imported_John Guest

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    I want to go camping this weekend but the weather is going to be like 20 degrees over night. Is it fun to go camping in a tent when it is that cold out or will the cold ruin the time? I would like to sit out by the fire and all of that too. I'm just not sure what to do. Any advice would be appreciated.

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    Default I like Winter Camping

    Like everything else in life, the secret to enjoyment is in the preparation. You can be quite comfortable in chilly weather, but you need to ensure that your equipment and clothing is up to the challenge. How much do you know about the expected weather? Is your tent water-proof?

    I have been stuck in tents in white-outs for 2-3 days -- I was warm and toasty but I was well-prepared for the weather. Sitting out by a fire when the temp is below 25 degrees is not my idea of a "fun time" -- the side facing the fire is often too hot and the other side is freezing. Where are you planning on going?

    Have you done much tent camping?

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    Joecar Guest

    Default i like camping as well

    but haven't tried winter camping yet. As long as it will not rain, i guess the 20 degree weather will just be fine. Are you with someone?

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    imported_John Guest

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    Yes I have done tent camping before but never in the winter. I was just wanting some advice of experienced people. I am probably going the Gettysburg PA. The area is going to be about 46 degrees in the day and 27 degrees at night.

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    I am going with someone and I think it will be fun but I don't want to have to ditch the idea or anything. We could always sleepin the car if things went bad and if things went REALLY bad we could just go to a hotel.

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    Joecar Guest

    Default where

    where are you campin' Johnny?

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    How new is your gear? If it was purchased recently, it should have information regarding its limits for cold weather. I have done the winter camping thing. If you go out in a 30 degree sleeping bag or tent and the temp drops to the mid-twenties, you are going to be cold. It's better to gear up for weather fifteen degrees colder than you think it's going to be.

    Good luck and safe driving/camping.


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    Default A couple of basics

    If you are an experienced camper than the following is probably too basic -- but for reminders sake:

    Dehydration can be a serious problem in cold weather. Be sure to drink plenty of fluids -- cup of hot tea or whatever every couple of hours during the day. 80% of body heat loss in though the crown (of your head) so to keep the body warmer -- wear a hat. Get as much insulating material as you have between your sleeping bag and the ground. Slight elevation of the feet will keep the rest of torso warmer. Properly equipped you can stay much warmer in a bag in a tent than any such option in a car. If in the car, avoid running the engine -- any snow blocking the exhaust pipe can lead to quick death.

    Winter camping can be hoot --- think ahead -- enjoy the moment and have fun!

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    JOHN: 1. Everything with moisture will freeze. anything you do not want to freeze needs to be in the sleeping bag with you. 2. Put a hat,mittens,and socks in a plastic bag that you do not intend to use unless there is an emergancy (this can be heaven if you are cold) 3. once you use "Thermarest" style pad you will never go back to ensolite. 4. Take two old sweaters sew the trunk of one to the other make a super long garment for complete coverage. 5. Consume 6,000 calories a day, eat lunch all day "gorp" 6. you are better off at 20 degrees than 40 degrees stay dry. 7. remember - 32 degrees keeps out the riff raff enjoy your next winter camping. GEO.F.


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