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    Matthew Kennedy Guest

    Default Any facts on road trrips?

    Hi. I am thinking on going on a road trip, and I was wondering I you had any facts on road trips. How often people take them, how far do people go etc. And then even precautions that should be taken that correspond to the distance or how many people come with etc. Thanks for the info if you have any.

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    Default How much time do you have?


    Your query is a little like asking "Do you have any facts about hiking or eating?" There is too much information. This sounds like a query for an academic paper. If you read the posts on this Forum you will begin to get a sense of why folks do road trips, where they go and their concerns.

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    Aitken Guest

    Default road trip

    Matthew, an interesting question you have? especially from those of us who live on the road and think nothing of traveling across north america by road and have been doing so for years. in order to answer your question you need to provide us with more info.
    (1) from where and to where are you heading
    (2) what vehicle are you using (R.V. or car or public transport)
    (3) how many days or months do you intend to travel for
    (4) are you staying in hotels, motels, campgrounds

    Have you not taken a road trip anywhere before?

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    imported_barb Guest

    Default road trip from Iowa to california


    My family will be visiting me from Germany and I want to take them on a road trip from Iowa to California. There will be four of us and we plan to travel by car.We will have about 3 weeks to dedicated to this trip. I hope to find some inexpensive hotels along the way. I want to stay away from the tourist spots and show them simple beauty of this country. Are you aware of any good websites or books that can help me plan such a trip?


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    Default This site trys to meet that goal


    There are a number of guidebooks referenced on this site. One I think you might consider would be Andrew Vincent's book "Drive USA". For more information check out

    In our view, simple beauty includes places Tourists like to go, what kinds of places are you looking for?


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    Try this one too. It might help

    enjoy your trip

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    If you want to see the beauty of the country - check out

    Try to get into southern Utah, a bit of Arizona and across into California

    - Zion National Park
    - Bryce National Park
    - Grand Canyon NP
    - Death Valley NP
    - Yosemite NP
    - Sequoia NP

    (& many others)

    These are the best places to drive through to show off the country's varying scenic beauty.

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    Matthew Kennedy Guest

    Default West

    Ok, sorry about that last post in October, it was too general. But I Have this new idea of a trip west. I live in Minnesota, and myself and some friends would like to travel west. Now this trip may seem too ambitious, but it would be awesome. My plan is to head west through south dakota, through custer park, then down to wyomming, in the Yellowstone, from there south through colorado, seeing the rockies, and into through the Grand Canyon, then Arizona. I have a place to stay in Arizona, but elsewhere we'd have to find a motel. Now money isnt the biggest issue, but keeping spending to a low is good. I just want to know if its feesible, From Arizona we'd drive up through the midwest, or fly back. And we're thinking one car, maybe 3 or 4 people, several weeks.

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    Default Anything is feasible, (almost)

    Three or four weeks -- sure it sounds great.



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