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    Default FL to CA. Safest route?

    We are moving from Florida to Los Angeles in Sept. I am not too concerned about weather (I think) but I am going to be the only adult with two teen kids. I need a route that doesnt have long stretches of nothing. Gas stations, restaurants, motels etc are a neccessity for us. Any suggestions?

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    Default When was the last time you drove there?

    I am guessing that you have not been on many of the Interstates in the west in a while? It is darn hard to go more than 20 miles on any Interstate in the USA without finding exits with gas stations, restaurants and motels. If you were to travel some of the smaller roads in the west you could find such places with distances of say 50 miles in between -- but you would have to workvery hard to find those stretches.

    Obviously the fastest route would be I-10 between Florida and LA. It is an enjoyable run -- I have driven most of the length 50-60 times in recent years.

    For a little variety -- you might consider going north from Dallas to I-40 at Oklahoma City and follow a similar route to that used by travelers on the old Rte. 66. I-40 is nearly as fast as using I-10.

    If you have more time to explore, there are hundreds of roads to take side trips on.


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