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    Default Help biggest trip solo from The Dalles Oregon to Beaumont Texas

    At the end of June I will be moving back to Beaumont Texas from The Dalles Oregon. I would love to blog and do some photography along the way. Would like to hear what routes would be safest for a solo female. I want to be time and $ conscience. Would like to know some great spots to see and photograph and what you would recommend for over night stops? I have friends I places I could crash at in Boise, Denver and Plano if I chose to.

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    Welcome to RTA!

    It would be great to know how much time you are allotting for the trip, because we'd be able to make some recommendations about great things to see. The way I see it, there are combinations of 3 main routes. One could take you through the national parks of Utah (Arches and Canyonlands), another could take you within shoutin' distance of Rocky Mountain National Park, which all scream "photography!" at me. The route with RMNP on the list would mean you could see your friends in Boise and Denver.

    There are fires in northern New Mexico right now, though, which might preclude you from using US-191 to US-550 to I-40 etc. However, in a few weeks time, that could change.

    I understand budget concerns. Staying with a friend is lovely, but you should bring them something as a "thank you" for keeping you overnight. In places where you need to stay somewhere, you could look into hostels or coupon lodging. There are good hostels, great hostels and poor ones. Coupon lodging has its ups and downs -- great rates, but if you get to one on a weekend or much past 5 pm, the coupon rooms "are all gone" and "can I offer you our regular rate of XXX?" which for us was usually not budget-friendly. So we've switched to searching for rooms online and booking that way.


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    Default Hostels and more.

    There are more solo females on the road on any given day, than males. If you feel safe at home, use the same instincts and manners to keep yourself safe on the road. Over a 1/4 million miles I can honestly say I have felt scared once, and that ended up being a fizzle.

    If hostels are of interest to you - and remember they are no longer youth hostels - all ages are welcome. In Seattle I stayed at the HI hostel, and at least 30% of the guests must have been over 50. The oldest perston I have ever met in a hostel was 96, she was travelling/hostelling with her 66 year old daughter. Some hostels are better than others, but you learn that along the way. If I had allowed my first hostelling experience in Venice Beach to discourage me, I would never have stayed in a hostel again. It was awful! But then I learned what questions to ask and what to look for. Reviews are not always a guide, as some who give a hostel a glowing report might be looking for very different things you desire. Here is the most reliable and comprehensive hostel website.


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