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    Hello. I am new to this forum. My family and I took our first real road trip this summer. Flew to Albuquerque, drove all over, to CO, UT, NM, AZ and flew out of Vegas. Was the best vacation ever. I am, as I always have addicted to the road. We are planning another for the kids break in February (Kids are 15/13/6)... we have about 9 days, a minivan and some drive to go someplace new. We prefer to head into warmer climate (-27 this morning).. I am struggling to come up with something for all.. would love some assistance. I love old school and tacky roadside attractions. As a heads up, we are 5.5 hours from NYC, so we usually start from the GWB and go in different directions from there. I would love to hear your input. Thanks in advance, and happy new year.

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    Default A Warm Multifaceted Suggestion

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    As a former Maine-iac myself, I know of one area that is just over a day's drive away that offers warmth as well as a wide variety of attractions including beaches, history, wildlife, scenery, different cuisines, amusement parks, even a NASA launch facility. If that sounds interesting, have a look at the Delmarva Peninsula, the Historic Triangle of Virginia, and the Outer Banks of North Carolina. You can make a very nice loop RoadTrip where you follow the coast in one direction and stay a bit farther inland on the other. The inland route could either hit major cities such as Washington, Baltimore and Philadelphia or follow the Appalachians. I can also offer ways to do this that do not involve driving through New York City or on the New Jersey Turnpike. But at this point it seems as though you're just looking for ideas, and the above would be my first and favorite suggestion for a roughly week-long RoadTrip out of southern Maine.


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