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    Hey guys, me and four friends in our late twenties are spending 2 weeks of feb exploring everywhere from Boston to Washington, D.C. Please please can I get some tips of must sees along the way? We know all about NYC. So looking for quirky things to do off the beaten track. Wouldn't mind going more north to upstate NY if u think its worth it..

    Thanks everyone x

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    First of all, at that time of year on the northeast coast, you're going to have to remain quite flexible on your timing, as you can pretty much count on getting at least one drive-stopping snow storm. Secondly, with that many people crammed into one car, you should not plan on driving very far on any given day, as you'll need lots of stops to let people get out of the car (and away from each other) for a little fresh air and exercise in addition to any 'quirky' stops.

    Fortunately for you, New England and the northeast in general is a quite compact area, and you should have little problem seeing a great deal of it with two weeks at your disposal. As the title of this response suggests 'quirky' by definition defies definition. So I think the best thing we can do for you is point to a slightly older compilation we did of 26 (or so) attractions in each state. While those lists include the well-known stops, they also include numerous 'off the beaten path' sights that might just fit your own definition of quirky. So have a look at those and once you've got a basic outline of where you'd like to go and what you'd like to see, let us know and we can probably suggest a few more that might intrigue you.


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