Hi guys

We are trying to plan our honeymoon and we have pretty much sorted it all apart from this one section. Salt Lake City to Las Vegas via national parks. We are very flexible and would appreciate everyone’s opinions and ideas for us. The plan is as follows;

Day 1. After spending a few days in Yellowstone then one night in SLC, we will depart SLC early in the morning to head to canyonlands/Arches NP. Tour one of the parks and see sunset and then head to stay overnight in Moab.

Day 2. Depart Moab early hours to see monument valley. Drive through monument valley to then head to Zion Park. Stay over night near Zion or in Zion. (Grand Canyon is also an option instead of Zion)

Day 3. Explore the park we stay in, then head to the opposite one. If we stay in Zion day 2, we will head to Grand Canyon for staying over night 3 or vice versa.

Day 4. Explore park then head to Vegas.

Day 2 and 3 are the ones we can’t decide on to be honest. Basically from Moab to Las Vegas is the issue.

Any ideas and opinions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance - Daryll