And now, the rest of the story:

When I went to pick up the mail, on the top of the stack was a small package from Fred Meyer in Albany, OR. They had put my FitBit into the mail to me, as promised! (I have since mailed them a thank you and reimbursed them for postage.)


Total mileage: 2,961 miles
Lodging - $869.25 ($108.65 avg per night) + 1 free night 12,000 pts
Food/Restaurants - $576.17 ($64 avg per day)
Fuel - $377.00 (MPG from 16.5 to 19)
Ice - $11.65
Laundry - $3.25
Souvenirs (books, t-shirts) - $88.44
Admissions - $55.00 ($25 ONP, $20 L&CIC, $10 FtC)

Everything came in either right as we budgeted, or under budget. Figuring out overnights and admissions is easy. We usually budget for more fuel or food than we think we'll consume.