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    Hello! My future husband and I want to take a road trip from Knoxville, Tn to San Diego California for our honeymoon! We would like to spend some time on the beach in California but would also love to see the Grand canyon on the way. We love road trips and would love to see and experience as much as possible on the way. We will have 14 days to make this trip. Any ideas would be awesome, places to stop, best ways to travel.
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    Hi, welcome to RTA! Congratulations on the upcoming vows!

    Knoxville to San Diego via the Grand Canyon is about 2400 miles one way. Not including a day at the Grand Canyon South Rim, that would be about 5 days driving. Add a day there, you've got 6 days. Then it's 2200 miles back home. All of these numbers are by the fastest route ... interstates. So call it 4 days to drive back home. Those, btw, are very long 500 mile days, which will take you roughly 9-11 hours if you don't run into huge amounts of traffic (count on that in Riverside/San Bernardino County). If you have 9 days of driving and 1 day at the Grand Canyon, that leaves you 4 days of beach and looking around California time, or sightseeing at other places along the way.

    If you don't want to spend that much of your honeymoon time driving, you could consider a fly-drive. Fly into Phoenix, rent a car, drive up through Sedona to the Grand Canyon, over to California, you'll have a lot more time to look around and do some sightseeing.

    It's up to you and your new mate.


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    Default Making Time for Each Other

    As Donna hints at, your honeymoon Roadtrip so far looks to be far more RoadTrip than honeymoon. That's not necessarily a bad thing if you both truly enjoy RoadTrips, but you should plan, or at least try, to find time to be with each other and explore at least a little bit of the country between Knoxville and San Diego. If you can add a day or two at the end of your currently scheduled time off from work at the end of your trip (I'm assuming that you're going to spend at least part of the weekend at the start of your trip actually getting married!) that would help a great deal. Or you can spend just two or three full days in San Diego and use the time saved to make one or two SHORT STOPS each day to get out of the car and walk/talk together in some beautiful and/or interesting settings. just think that you'll find a somewhat slower paced driving portion far more enjoyable and memorable (for the right reasons) than sitting in a car for eight or nine days so that you can sit on a beach for four.


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