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    Hello all. Driving from Denver to Teton National Park and wondering what, if any sights there are to see. I know going through 3 corners (CO/UT/WY) there is Flaming Gorge National Park but that's about all. Will be doing in summer. Family enjoys old plane, car, train museums as well. Not afraid of country roads. Thanks.

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    We'd really need to know how long you are planning for the trip. It will help us make recommendations that you have time for. If there is anything else that you have planned (such as Rocky Mt NP or Yellowstone), it would be helpful to know that, too.


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    Thank you so much Donna. Looking at approx 1-2 weeks. Will be leaving from Denver and returning to Chgo - have part of the route planned but not sure about between Denver and Grand Teton (can include Yellowstone too). Visit RMNP often so don't want to do that on this trip.

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    The difference between 1-2 weeks is pretty huge in this case.

    If I understand you correctly, you're driving from Denver to Yellowstone, and then back to Chicago. Doing that alone is 4-5 days just for driving, so if you are only looking at about a week, then you really barely have enough time for Grand Teton and Yellowstone, and adding more things into the mix really doesn't make any sense.

    If you end up closer to two weeks, then you'd have time to fit in more stops - and places like Flaming Gorge would be an option, as would several other parks in Colorado and Utah. However, At that point, I think I would focus much more on the many options you've got between Yellowstone and Chicago, be it Teddy Roosevelt NP in North Dakota or the Badlands and Black Hills of South Dakota. Between Yellowstone, the miles you need to cover, and all of those options, that's already more than enough to fill up 2 weeks, and then some.

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    Thanks. Sorry for the confusion. I guess I'm not making myself clear enough -just looking for the Denver to Grand Teton leg of the trip. Trying to see how much time I should take for that drive as I'm not seeing much to do/see on this leg (as mentioned Flaming Gorge is a definite there anything else)?
    The rest of trip is already worked out (which will be about 2-3 weeks) (Yellowstone, Badland, Black Hills, Custer, plus more already set). Just need the Denver to Grand Teton section.

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    I am still a little confused as to how much time you have allotted to the whole trip and how much time you have for Denver to Teton. Am I right in thinking you have around 4 weeks in total, 1-2 weeks to Glacier and then 2 or 3 weeks on from there depending on the first part ? It's often easier to lay out your whole itinerary into days and then make adjustments as you go, for example you could easily use up 3 or 4 days just getting around the highlights of the Tetons and Yellowstone. If you have a week to get to the Tetons via Flaming Gorge then you could look at heading along I-70 to the Colorado National Monument and then up 139 to Dinosaur National monument and Flaming Gorge Recreation area. (It's not a National park) We liked the scenery taking WY530 north to Green River where there is a nice little spot to stretch your legs at Island Park. You could continue even further along I-70 and visit Arches and Canyonlands NP's but like I said, get an idea of how your whole itinerary looks so we can see the full picture and then we make meaningful suggestions on places to see and how you may be able to 'tweak' it to get the best from your time.

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    Default Lots to see, when you look for it.

    I don't think you understand the queries from the members. It is extremely difficult to give good advice without kinowing the big picture - the whole trip....... the time, the participants, their interests, etc.

    Quote Originally Posted by brownmce View Post there anything else)?
    There certainly is. Looking at my maps (I take it you are using good maps for this planning, and not relying on electronics), both US191 and 287 go either side of the Great Divide Basin where the continental divide splits and creates a high altitude desert - a unique geographical feature. Just east of Rock Springs, at exit 122, is the turn off to Superior, a small town with a great history and a small but intriguing free museum. Just north of Rock Springs (+/- 11m) is the turn off to County Rd 17 and Bore's Tusk as well as petroglyphs in the hills there. A little visited site - involves country roads and a short hike. There is a long loop and a short loop.

    Pinedale is a nice little town, and worth staying over. There are many scenic drives there, if you visit the ranger station and the visitor centre they will tell you about them, and give you detailed maps. The road past Fremont Lake - Skyline Drive - gives magnificent views of the range. There are so many places to see in this area, you could spend your whole time there. Hot springs are wonderful, take the turnoff to the east at the northern end of the Canyon. I could go on, but you will see them all when you have good maps, and read all the signs along the road.


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