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    Sorry, but no one can tell you what the weather might be months from now. As Lifey indicated, when you're talking about mountains, the weather can change hour by hour!

    I was in Colorado in late April last year, and saw snow on several different instances - although it was usually for a relatively short period, and it didn't significantly impact my trip at all. A week earlier, Denver got hit with a foot of snow. In high elevations, there is a chance you'll see snow - anywhere on your trip, that's the most specific thing we can tell you.

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    Default The adventure of the unknown.

    Not only is it, as Michael states, the most specific thing we can tell you, it is also the most exciting thing. It is the unknown which creates your adventure, and the way you cope with it will stay with you for years to come. Those are the moments which make for a memorable trip.


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    Thanks for your reply guys. Yes we do like the idea of having it create adventure in our trip.
    I guess my question was more directed at any major road closures that may effect this itinerary and time of travel? (Sorry I did not articulate that so well to begin with). I thought that some roads have a blanket closure from date X to X? And others are closed dependent on weather? Is this correct?

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    Pretty much all road closures are dictated by weather. Yes, There are some roads that are not maintained/plowed in winter - but even then the opening and closing dates are weather dependent (these are typically not major roads). And yes, in a winter storm, any or all roads can be closed because of a storm.

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    If you look on a real paper map, roads that are typically closed in winter are marked as such, usually in red ink. Such roads come to mind as the figure-8 in Yellowstone, and the road from Jacob Lake to Grand Canyon National Park, to name just two.


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