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    Default Driving San Diego to Panama City, FL

    Hi I am brand new to this forum. I will be driving from Southern California to Panama City Florida in Early January of 2017. I'll have about 6 days to do it and I want to make stops and see whatever might be on the way like National Parks, cool cities and what not. Definitely will need to stop for a beer or two as well. Let me know what route any of you would recommend and what I should stop and see. I dont care about snow or bad whether or any of that. Thanks!

    I'll be driving a very off road capable truck, so if there is some good national parks that you would need to go over some rocks that sounds awesome.

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    Hi, and Welcome to the Great American Roadtrip Forum.

    Your most direct route would be I-8/10, all the way.

    When it comes to national parks, they are all marked on good maps, such as Rand McNally and AAA. Sometimes you will also see them on digital maps, but not always. However, you need to know that national parks have strict rules as to where you may drive, and it does not include off road driving. You may find areas for that in some national forests, state parks and forests (also marked on maps) or other BLM lands. From my experience the best way to find out the details as to what you may do where on BLM lands, is to go to the local office when you get to the area. Going by internet information regarding BLM lands and offices is not always accurate. It seems only the local officers know. Most times they cannot even tell you anything about the next BLM area of lands. Information for state parks/forests and national forests which allow off road driving can be found on their websites.


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    Please fill us in on your plans, since you asked the identical, word for word, question last week, with the destination of Chicago instead of Florida.

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    At about 2100 miles, it's about a 4-5 day drive as it is, so with 6 days, you have a little room for sightseeing or (if you can find a proper place) off-roading.

    The nearest National Parks to the 8/10 corridor: Organ Pipe National Monument near Ajo, AZ (leave I-8 going south on AZ-85 at Gila Bend), Saguaro National Park in its two districts near Tucson, AZ, Carlsbad Caverns National Park in NM, and Big Bend National Park in TX. None of those allow off-roading, to my knowledge.


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