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    Hi hoping to get some help and ideas from you all my wife 16 yo daughter and i are heading to kissimmee fl next summer from ireland. We have been a couple of times before and i have hired a car out but just used it for driving to theme parks, shopping malls and supermarkets but last year i got adventurous and drove to miami stayed overnight and drove back to kissimmee. Next summer id really like to drive a bit more, we'll be in kissimme for three weeks my wife would really like to go to conyers ga. i want to go but a six hour drive is a bit much so i am looking advice on things to do places to see on this trip. I am probably going to stay in atlanta ga unless you can advise me on somewhere better or nicer. From there i would like to maybe take in a couple more states i was thinking alabama tennessee as id like to see graceland but not a must for me and then down through mississippi back to kissimmee againor i could go the other side of georgia and go south carolina and north carolina i would like your advice on what states i should visit what i should go and see where i should stay what routes i should take i would like to do this as cheap as possible. I like historical stuff and theme parks my wife likes religious stuff history and shopping my 16 year old daughter likes theme parks and shopping. i am only hoping to be away from kissimmee 4/5 days maxium is this possible? I know its a long way off but the sooner i start getting information on some stuff the sooner i can start planning the trip i really hope you all can heip me

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    Default Two Days Up - Two Days Back

    Céad Míle Fáilte! Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    If you're only going to devote "4/5 days maximum" to the RoadTrip portion of your holiday and find that "a six hour drive is a bit much", then yeah - most of your wish list is really out of the question. Kissimmee to Conyers to Memphis and back to Kissimmee would require a full three days (at 10-11 hours a day) to drive. But it's certainly possible to see some unique natural, historic, and religious sites taking shorter drives each day and spending two days to get up to Conyers and two days back, leaving a fair bit of time to visit the sites on the way.

    What I'd suggest is that you look at an elongated loop trip, taking different routes north and south. One leg might use I-4/US-1/US-23/I-16/I-75/GA-20 as a basic routing and include stops at some of the following: St. Augustine, Cumberland Island National Seashore, Okefenokee Swamp, and JarrellPlantation. The other leg would use, say, US-341/GA-49/US-19 (and connecting roads) with possible stops at, Andersonville, Koinonia Farm, Cedar Key, and Weeki Wachee Springs. In my experience, you can find shopping just about anywhere.


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    go raibh maith agat

    Yes I would like to devote 5 days to this I could maybe do a bit more driving on the days if wife and daughter get some shuteye. What if I leave early on day one and go whole way to Atlanta do some sightseeing stay overnight visit conyers on day two then make way to Birmingham al for a few hours then drive upto Memphis stay overnight do a bit of sightseeing on day three and then make my way down to Kissimmee with an overnight stay somewhere in Mississippi then on day four a bit of sightseeing before making my way back to Kissimmee. Does this sound any more doable? I know you have already given me advice but I definitely want to take in a few states just to say I've been there so any advice you give me will be much appreciated. Is there any advice on sat nav phone apps you can give me which will get me through this trip which works off line?

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    You could make that plan work, but only if you do one thing: Anyplace you've planned to spend "a few hours" change it to spend "a few minutes."

    Really, the plan you've laid out would have you driving about 7 hours day, every day for 5 straight days, so you can say you've "been there" without actually giving you any time to explore any of these places. I assume you've got a specific reason for going to a place as specific as Conyers, GA - yet, to do what you've laid out, you'd be trying to visit Conyers, and Birmingham, on a day where you've got about 450 miles (7-8 hours real world travel time) to cover. You've really got the same situation for all 5 days of your trip.

    Is that something that you really want to put your family through?

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    Default Fun or Bragging Rights?

    What you do is entirely up to you, but based on your initial comments about lack of time, the ladies' interests, preference not to drive so much, etc., it seemed to me (and still does) that driving, driving, driving just so you could say that you'd 'been' to a state was working against your own enjoyment of the trip. If you try to include Atlanta, Memphis, Mississippi and Alabama really all you're going to be doing is driving. You won't actually get to see much of the states you'd be spending so much time getting to. And your wife and daughter would see even less if they "get some shuteye" during those efforts.

    When my niece and I were having a bit of a competition some years back to see who would be the first to hit all 50 states, we had a few rules. Primary among them was: Airports don't count! Because while making a connection in a hub technically put you in a state for a brief period, you weren't getting to experience anything about that state - just the homogenized sameness of airportland. You are putting yourself in roughly the same boat. The only way to get to all the extra states that you're envisioning is to restrict yourself to the homogenized sameness of the Interstates and exit ramp accommodations.

    So, there are two main questions you need to face: 1) Do you want to enjoy the trip or the few seconds of glory when you claim to have been to two or three more states? 2) How do your wife an daughter feel about this?

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    Points taken. Thank you. How about the phone apps for sat nav?

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    Default Right - Mapping

    When we travel, I set our (portable) GPS and my wife tracks our progress on her iPad using Pocket Earth Pro (about $5, €4.50, £4.00). You can download maps of Europe and/or North America and use it on-line or off.


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