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    Sorry for bumping this old thread. We are planning to do a similar road trip in mid Oct from DC to Atlanta in 2 days or if we can cram all the driving in one day. Would 1 day be an overkill since it's 10 hrs drive?

    I was hopping to add Smokey mountains drive in the trip. Would that be possible and will make sense? Any other suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks everyone.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Atlanta to DC is already more than 600 miles. If you stick to freeways, making no significant extra stops, it is already at the very maximum of what you can safely do in one day, and despite what online mapping programs may tell you, will likely take 11-12 hours on the road.

    It would certainly be possible to add the Smokey Mountains into the trip, but if you do make that addition, then you can't consider doing this trip in just one day. Factoring the extra miles, time to actually see some of the park, and the fact that mid-october will mean peak fall color, but also a lot of other people visiting the park, you'll really need to plan for the trip to take a full 2 days with that detour.

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    Thanks MW and appreciate for moving the thread.

    Right, so I can easily split it in two days, i-e Sat and Sun. Leaving early Sat morning, taking 66 and then hopping on to skyline and then continuing to Floyd, VA or Roanoke, VA.

    Spending the night in Smoky or tail of VA or any other better suggestions? Then leaving next(Sun) day after seeing Smoky for a trip to Atlanta.

    Do you guys have any suggestions for any scenic routes or scenic drives we should do?

    Thanks so much for the help and guidance.

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    Skyline Drive and then the Blue Ridge Parkway are the obvious scenic drive options here, however, note those Parkways are very slow going - where your average speed will be 30mph or less, and it takes a few days to drive them all the way down to Smokey Mountains. I could see you doing a portion at the North end, and then maybe the last section from say Ashville onto Smokey Mountains on the second.

    I do think you'll need to make it farther than Roanoke, if you want to see the Smokey's at all the following day, however. I'd say that you need to make it to at least Northern Tennessee (Bristol, Johnston City) to have time to see any of the BRP and the Smokeys, and make it to Atlanta on day 2.

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    You mean taking 211, to skyline drive until 64 and then taking 81 towards 26 and ending in Ashville for day 1?

    Then day 2 starting from Ashville, NC to BRP and ending on 441 or:

    Would really appreciate if anyone has some route suggestions or advise?

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    Anyone has any inputs, please? Thanks

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