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    Hi all, first post. My wife and I are happy to find this forum, we are big road trippers and enjoy life traveling. In October we are driving to Myrtle and typically take I90 to 79 and down through Pittsburg, Wytheville, Winston Salem and on to Myrtle.

    I am curious of taking a new route, which via Google maples is negligally longer. Buffalo 219 south, to 99, to 70 and then down the 95.

    Does anyone have any thoughts or comments?


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Taking I-70 to I-95 means driving right into the teeth of Baltimore, Washington, and Northern Virginia traffic. It's one of the most congested highways on the continent, and has been given the nickname of the Ho Chi Minh Trail because of its not-so-pleasantness.

    Normally, I'm all for finding alternate routes just to change up the drive, but I-95 is not one I'd recommend.

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    Default An Alternative Alternative

    I couldn't agree more with Michael that you want nothing, NOTHING, to do with I-495 around DC or indeed any portion of I-95 between Connecticut and southern Virginia. I just got back from a visit to family in the DC area and traffic that my wife and I considered absolutely unacceptable, they saw as 'light' or 'routine'. I, and most regular contributors here, also would agree with your desire to find a different way to cover ground that you've been over more than once. The suggestion from Google Maps starts out on the right foot, but like any computer-based mapping routine, it thinks an Interstate is an Interstate, a proposition that no one who has driven the Ho Chi Minh Trail would agree with.

    So here's what I would suggest. Yes, take US-219 south out of Buffalo into Pennsylvania. A few miles south of Ridgeway, take PA-153 southeast as a cut-off to I-80 east. At Exit 123, take PA-970 south to US-322 east to Port Matilda where you'll switch over to US-220 west which becomes I-99 south. At Bedford PA take I-70 (the PA Tpk) east to Breezewood, where you'll leave the Turnpike to stay on I-70. So far, so good, and that's roughly the way Google Maps was sending you I think. But at Hancock MD you'll forget their recommendation and instead take US-522 south towards Winchester VA. Use VA-37 south as a bypass around that city to I-81 south. Now I-81 is about as scenic as eastern Interstates come, so enjoy this bit down to Roanoke. Once there take I-581 through the city and pick up US-220 south to Greensboro NC where that highway itself becomes the beltway around the city. Continue south on US-220 which, will become I-73, to Rockingham NC where US-74 east will get you over to I-95 where it's finally a reasonable route. Take that to Dillon SC (South of the Border) and pick up US-301 to finish the drive into Myrtle Beach.

    Now the route I've suggested is actually 6 miles shorter than your usual route, but because of all the 'surface roads' it will take about an hour and a half longer to drive. But it's still eminently doable in two days and will let you see some new sights. Harrisonburg or Staunton VA, both on I-81, would be good options for a stopping point roughly half way through your journey.


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    Thank you for the replies, I have flown in and out of Washington and Baltimore over the years and do recall the insane traffic. Last trip was April and it was fairly decent, although time of day may have had something to do with it. AZBuck, can you recommend a good area for an overnight along that suggested route?

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    Default Stops

    I did (at the end of my previous reply) give you a couple of possible overnight stops about halfway along my suggested route. If you prefer to follow Google's suggestion of heading into the Washington DC area then I'll wish you a lot of luck. Your timing could easily put you in the worst of both worlds, having to negotiate BOTH evening and morning rush hours, because Washington is at the northern end of a range of 'halfway' stops that runs from Washington down to Richmond.


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