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    Will be in New Jersey for two days on Columbus day weekend (oct 8th/9th). Planning one day road trip to Mt Washington Auto Road / Kancamagus highway. SO, start saturday early morning(3-4ish am) and come back by midnight same day. I will be going with friends so we can have drive shifts. I read that KM highway in fall and auto road drive are one of the best usa has to offer on eastern side. Are they worth the effort? Or should we just go to shenandoah skyline drive and save 4/5 hours (But I believe the skyline drive is at its best only after mid october). Already been to Smokies & Blue Ridge Parkway this summer and they were amazing.

    P.S: I am an international student and this is my first visit to east coast but I am more into nature than man made structures. So, giving only 1 day to check out NJ/NY and the other day for foliage drive. Any suggestions/comments are welcome.


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    First of all, where in NJ are you starting from - that would make a pretty huge difference in any recommendation.

    Second, There is no point in NJ where you can realistically get to Northern New Hampshire as a daytrip. Even from the northern most parts of NJ, you're looking at about a 900 mile round trip, which even on the freeways, and even with multiple drivers is just a bad an unsafe idea. Throw in the fact that you're talking about taking scenic two lane roads, that will also be packed full of people and thus even slower going that normal, and you've put yourself into an impossible position.

    Depending upon where in NJ you're starting from, then Skyline could be equally impossible.

    The thing is, you don't have to go that far away. There are a lot of great scenic areas that actually are within an easy daytrip of New Jersey. The Poconos in eastern PA, along with the Delaware Water Gap, are great places to explore in fall (I drove through there last October, and it was fantastic), there are also a lot of scenic areas in the Hudson Valley north of NYC, which could lead up up maybe even as far as the Adirondacks or Green Mountains.

    The point is it really is unwise to say you want to focus on scenic drives, and then plan to drive 600, 700, 800+ miles in a day, which makes enjoying such scenery impossible, and in this case, there really is no need to do so.

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    Thanks for the response, Michael. I am starting from south bound brook.

    I have been insisting to my friends on going north because I read that columbus day is a week or two too early for peak fall foliage in states south of New England region. And this might very well be my last fall in usa. So, trying to get the best leaf peeping possible. But, I agree that 900 miles are a bit stretch and I wouldnt want to just drive there and come back, even if we could. I will try to extend it to 1.5 days trip including sleep time. I hope that is feasible.

    If not, Green mountains/Poconos with ocean drive in the mix seem exciting too! I would be glad to hear more suggestions.


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