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  1. Default Planning first road trip from Georgia to California

    Thanks for having me on the site . Me and my wife are wanting to take our 5 kids to the West coast this summer . we are still in the planning stage ,we know we want to take a rv , have 14 days and want to stop by some national parks . My only concern is if this will be enough time to make the trip ?

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    Default It wouldn't be fun for the Kids.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    To have a nice family road trip in an RV you are probably trying to do too much to get all the way to the west coast, with 5 kids and a slower moving RV you really need 6 days each way which leaves you little time for exploring National parks and the coast. It would keep your daily mileage reasonable with a little time to stop and let the Kids run off steam but it would still amount to a lot of the day being taken up strapped in a seat and watching the world go by out of the windows. Now keeping in mind that RV's burn a lot of fuel (typically 9mpg) would it not be possible to fly out west and then rent one and have a relaxed trip ? If not then I think you should be looking at no further than the Four corners region but even that would amount to quite a big proportion of your time being taken up with driving.

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    When you say "take an rv", it tells me that you don't have one of your own. If that's the case, then I would recommend taking SWDave's advice, fly out west and rent one, do a loop trip, and return it. But I'd be sure doing some math and seeing if that would be what you want to do.

    If you already own the RV, with two weeks, you may want to think of a different destination.


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    Default A better balance.

    Quote Originally Posted by DonnaR57 View Post
    ..., with two weeks, you may want to think of a different destination.
    For a first trip, I would heartily endorse that. Make it a trip where your time spent driving is much less than the time spent out of the RV.


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    That's what I was worried about . we have a tt now and plan on buying a rv or bus to turn into a scholie . The original destination was Yellowstone but since we've never seen the West coast, it would be the perfect time . I think we are going to make a list of places and see how far we make it , maybe try to get 3 weeks .

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