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    Default Do you think this 6,000 mile road trip is feasible?

    This will be my first road trip that's longer than 1,000 miles so I guess I could be considered a road trip novice. I'll take all the advice I can get. I have the 5th through the 20th of October to do this i need the 21st to rest and recoup. Also I'll be the only one driving for my girlfriend, who I plan to propose to on this trip, doesn't have her license. In the trip plan I actually have an extra day to allocate somewhere and was wondering where I should put that extra day. Any suggestions or ideas would be appreciated. Thanks!!!15795843

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    Welcome to RTA!

    Not to throw a damper on your plans or anything like that, but you might want to research a few things just before you leave.

    Right now, Yellowstone and Grand Teton NP's are in extreme fire danger. Keep checking Yellowstone's website. It looks like they've gotten Yellowstone's south entrance open again -- that's good. But there are still a few fires burning, and unless they get significant rain (or snowfall) soon, more could spring up.

    Also, Dunraven Pass closes on October 11th. That's the pass that closes the Grand Loop in the middle, making the Loop more of a figure-8. But when the Pass closes, it's a Loop. Other parts of the Grand Loop can close as well. Yellowstone is at high elevation.

    It also occurs to me that 6000 miles in 2 weeks is a bit heavy. You will be so busy driving that you may not see anything except through your windshield.


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    Sorry, but no, I can't see your trip as being feasible.

    Certainly, you could drive 6000 miles over the course of two weeks, but really, that's all you would be doing: driving. You'd barely have time to stop and explore any of the national parks on your list, much less camp like you seem to be planning.

    Think of it this way, you'd have to drive on average 450 miles a day, every day, your entire trip. That's about 8 hours a day on the road - and that would have to be your average! It also looks like you've got some drives of 800+ miles on your agenda, which is down right dangerous.

    With 2 weeks, I'd cut your mileage in half, just to start. Roadtrips are fun, but what you've laid out is an exhausting death march, where it's quite likely going to put some severe strain on your relationship, rather than anything that would be memorable for the right reasons.

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    I have to agree with all the above and even more so as it sounds as though you want to make it a romantic trip to 'pop the question'. If your determined to go ahead with the plan you should propose within the first 3 or 4 days, things could get a little tense after that with your proposed itinerary ! ;-) All joking aside, it's way too much for the time you have available and cutting your mileage in half and spending quality time at places instead of rushing through will be much more fun and romantic. Keep it safe and don't aim for any more than 550 miles in a single days travel.

    Good luck and all the best !

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    Default Pick One from Column 'A'

    ....and none from Column 'B'. As others have noted, what you have planned is not a romantic RoadTrip but more akin to a highway through hell. But it's relatively easy to fix. First (also as noted above) cut it in half. Since the northern portions of your trip, at least hose at higher elevations such as the Rockies) are going to be subject to seasonal road closures and occasional treacherous weather, they make the most sense to lose. Instead, do a smaller loop through the Southwest where temperatures will be moderate and the weather mostly sunny. Try connecting these dots: Rocky Mountain National Park, Arches, Salt Lake City, Bryce Canyon, Zion, Las Vegas, Death Valley, Los Angeles, and then pick up your route home as you have it. That will allow you some time to actually enjoy romantic, restful walks in scenic locations and to share some experiences rather than just sitting together in a small space hour after hour after hour after....

    Also, such a route provides numerous 'perfect' sites to pop the question and a much more conducive atmosphere to getting the answer you're hoping for. Your current plan would put an awful lot of stress and strain on your relationship. Give her some time and space to carefully consider. instead.


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    Your current road trip is ambitious and exhausting! Following up on AZBuck's Pick from Column A or B.... I would add a column C and maybe a column D. For now, let's just call Column C a truncated Southwest tour along the lines of AZ's, but cutting out Las Vegas, Death Valley and Los Angeles. A Colorado, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado loop has so much potential and cold weather and closures will not be a planning concern.

    Your total driving hours comes to about 109 hours (based upon a generous 55 mph speed which accounts for interstate driving with food, gas, restroom stops). For a 14-day trip your average daily mileage is around 8 hrs which doesn't leave much time for seeing anything. Many of the areas on the proposed route will yield driving speeds of 35 - 55 mph which increases your daily drive time dramatically. Enjoy some of the wonders and beauty of the SW!

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    Default Another vote for fewer miles and more fun.

    As is said so often on this forum, often less is actually more. You will have more time at the places you visit, enjoy them more, creating lasting memories of this very important trip. I can't think of many more important events in a person's life.

    You would do well to follow the advice given above, all of which I'd endorse. Create a memorable trip.


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