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    Default Planning Trip from Arkansas to New York

    This would be my first road trip, and I plan on bringing people with me. I'm starting out from Little Rock, Arkansas and I want to make it to New York City, New York. I don't know the exact dates or anything yet, I just want some suggestions on what states to go through and what interesting stops would be on the way. Interesting stops would include music venues, historical landmarks, beaches, or anything scenic.
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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    Without knowing how much time you have for the trip it's hard to make suggestions. You should do a little research by searching this site and studying maps but it's also important to ask those travelling with you what they would like to do and see. You could start with the Roadtrip Compatibility test as a light hearted way to get started. Once you have a few dots on the map and a rough timescale I am sure others will chip in with ideas.

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    Default Some Basic Parameters

    Dave is correct that we can't really offer you any specific advice on the basis of the skimpy details you have so far, but we can at least lay out some essential requirements to help you with your planning and feasibility studies.

    First of all, if you plan to stop and see anything on the way, you need to plan on at least three days each way, minimum. Please don't fall for the mistaken assumption that having more people will let you make better time. It will, in fact, be just the opposite as you will have to stop more often and each stop will take longer. Also do NOT plan on 'sleeping' in the car or in rest areas. On a long term drive like this, the driver needs to be thoroughly rested and that means eight full hours in a real bed. Any 'sleep' you would get while sitting up in a moving car down a noisy highway will be neither the quality nor the quantity that you need. And sleeping in rest areas is both unsafe and illegal.

    As you research possible routes, bear in mind that you can fairly easily take two different routes up to New York and back. The most direct route would be I-40/I-81/I-78 through Tennessee, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. But you could also head north out of Nashville using I-65/I-71/I-70/I-76/I-95 through Kentucky and Ohio for not too may more miles. And those are just the Interstate routes. If you can add more time to your trip you'd have time to wander some back roads as well.


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