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  1. Default Need Palo Alto, Ca. to New Jersey Trip Advice

    Looking to depart late October....plan to drive approximately 10 hours per day over the course of 5 days, 4 nights...the only definite stop is the Cheyenne, Wyoming area on the second night...would like a recommendation on where to stay on the first night between Palo Alto and Cheyenne..plan to take route 80 from Cali....thanks in advance!

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    Probably Wells, NV, is your best bet. It's pushing it at 600+ miles per day to get to Cheyenne on your 2nd day.


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    Default ..and pushing it the next day and the next and so on.

    You really need an extra night and half a day [full day if you happen to run into a storm] to make this journey safely and at least part comfortable. Doing one 600 mile day is one thing but doing 5 on the bounce is just too much and fatigue is bound to set in at points which isn't healthy for you or those sharing the road with you. Without knowing what the weather might do and whether or not you might see construction and congestion delays along the way which will only make things worse, I would have at least an extra day as 'wiggle' room. A 10 hour day on the road means stopping for fuel and rest, having something to eat etc along the way, whereas 10 hours on the road is OK, you are unlikely to average 60mph, especially day in day out. Two 15 minute breaks morning and afternoon and an hour for lunch and you already have to average 70 mph the rest of the day and that doesn't include said weather and congestion delays, getting off Interstate to find a motel room etc.

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    Default Furthermoere....

    If you spend 10 hours on the road, as described above, you can expect to average 50 miles each hour. On top of that, you need to take into account the reduced daylight hours in late Oct/early Nov. As well, you will be losing three hours heading east.

    One of the greatest killers on the road is fatigue. It is the insidious enemy of long distance drivers. It creeps up on you without warning. You will not be aware of it at first. But since it is cumulative, you will become less and less effective and competent as a driver.

    Be sure to heed the advice above. This is a marathon, which needs to be carefully planned and paced, so that you arrive alive!


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