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  1. Default Road trip to Painted Hills in OR from Seattle, WA!

    I have a 2002 Ford Escape with 130,000 or so miles on it and want to drive from Seattle to Painted Hills, OR. As far as I know, the car has no big issues. I'm going to have all of the fluid filled up and oil changed prior to the trip. I just got new brakes in the early spring. Is this a treacherous drive that I should be worried about? Any advice? Thank you!!

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    The drive you're talking about is around a 350 mile drive, so something you should be able to do pretty easily in 7-8 hours. What sort of things are you concerned about?

    The Escape is a solid vehicle and 130,000 miles is next to nothing (I sold my 2001 when I had 292,000 miles) but being that it is 14 years old, having a mechanic do a full inspection is always a good idea before hitting the road (not just the "inspection" they'll do at a quick oil change place).

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