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    I am planning a trip from Cincinnati to Glacier National Park in early June, 2017 and would love ideas for different routes and "musts" for the trip. I will have 3 older teenagers with me but I will be the only one who will be able to drive the rental vehicle.


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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    You really haven't given us enough information to be able to offer you specialised and meaningful advice. First of all, we don't believe in 'Must's' as each trip should be unique to the individual and their interests, travel style and pace. As you have told us nothing of your, or your teenagers interests, or how much time you have for the trip, or whether it is a round trip or one way, we really have nothing to go on. If it is a round trip you will have a minimum of 7 days driving before you think about any major sight seeing stops on route. It would be advisable to choose a different route back so you get to see new places and travel new roads.

    What I would suggest is you do a little research by looking around the RTA site and studying maps and get some dots on the map of places that appeal, this would be best with everyone taking part in the planning process so all feel involved and have a personal interest. Once you have done so and tell us more about your plans we can jump in with suggestions and help you put things in place.

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    Welcome to RTA!

    Your teens should be able to help you out with the research. Teens "buy in" to the trip a lot better if they have had some say-so in what to see and do.

    Something else to think about -- Glacier is gorgeous, breath-taking, all the superlatives. However, summer comes very late because of the elevation there. This summer, Going to the Sun Highway did not open until June 17th this year, June 19th in 2015. It takes forever to plow, even when they start in April. If you could delay your trip by a few weeks, you might have a better chance that the Road will be open when you get there. Other portions of Glacier open sooner -- the Many Glacier area, Two Medicine area -- but the Going to the Sun Road is worth rescheduling a trip, if you can.

    Another suggestion for Going to the Sun: be at the park entrance EARLY in the morning. Between 10 am and 3 pm, the scenic viewpoints, trailhead parking lots, and the Logan Pass Visitor Center lots get full. If early in the morning (i.e. be at the entrance by 7 am) doesn't work for you, then delay your departure until about 2:30 or 3 pm. I speak from experience this past summer. We didn't get onto the Road until later in the morning and regretted it. So we turned around and came back on the Road in the other direction, though we had intended to take US-2 around the southern end of the park.


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