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    Default Hwy I5 Mountain passes (California & Oregon)

    We live in British Columbia (Vancouver) and are heading to southern CA/AZ for our winter months (Nov to Feb). We understand that the mountain passes along the I5 thru CA/OR can be an issue at times and we were wondering if anyone had any experience with this? We would like to start heading south at the beginning of November and drive back in March. Do you think we'd have any weather problems in November or March? We could change our plans to travel in mid-October and late-March but would prefer not to. Many thanks for any feedback.

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    Default Unpredictable. Just have some spare time available.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    It's impossible to say what the weather will be doing at the time you travel but the fact that you are taking Interstate means that it would take quite a storm for it to result in serious delays. They are a priority to keep clear, open and traffic moving so the best thing you can do is have a little spare time available so that in the event of an early [late coming home] storm you can simply pull off the road and let the road crews clear it, while you rest up in a warm and safe environment.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    The reality is that weather is impossible to predict months in advance. It's possible that in Early November and Early March that you would see snow and/or ice. However, even pushing your trips dates by a couple weeks might not change that. The only thing that's really going to matter is the specific forecast for your specific dates of travel.

    Even in the worst storms in the heart of winter, it is rare for the interstates to be affected for more than a day or two before they are cleared away. So keeping that in mind, you're really be better off just planning to make the trip whenever you'd like to go, but keep your plan flexible where you can delay things for a couple days if needed.

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    Thanks for the feedback. We aren't on any time constraints so I guess we are good to go. My husband is a Brit so has an absolute fear of running into snow while driving. I'm a Saskatchewan girl so snow holds no barrier for me although, pulling a 36' foot RV, I'd rather not see snow either. Thanks again for taking the time to reply.

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