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    We have booked a stay in Universal the week after Christmas. We have 2 adult drivers and two kids. I'm trying to figure out the best time to leave to avoid traffic in Baltimore/DC. Since it's winter I'm guessing it would be best to stick with 95. Also any advice on where to stop and what to avoid would be appreciated. We plan on making an overnight stop. South Carolina I think, I want to book a room early. Also where is the worst rush hour traffic from SC into FL?

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    First of all, you should note that it's relatively easy for you to avoid Baltimore and Washington (and Richmond) all together. From anywhere mid-way down the Jersey shore, you should head for the Delaware Memorial Bridge, cross the Delaware River, and head south on DE-1/US-13. Cross the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel, use I-64 around or I-264 through Norfolk, then take US-58 to connect with I-95 south. If you are near the very southern tip of New Jersey you might want to consider using the Cape May-Lewes Ferry and US-9 to get to US-13 down through the Delmarva Peninsula and continue as above.

    As far as stops en route, they are going to have to be limited to quick rest stops if you plan to make it to Orlando in two days, and a half way overnight stop would be around Dunn NC, although Fayetteville is a few miles farther and would have more options. Trying to push on into South Carolina would likely be too much for that first day, particularly with some 'surface roads' through the Delmarva Peninsula and southeastern Virginia or worse trying to get through Baltimore and Washington. There really shouldn't be any 'rush hour' problems on your second day. With any kind of decent start that morning, you'll hit Savannah mid-afternoon and Jacksonville before 5:00.


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    Another option to consider is the Amtrak Auto Train, from DC (just to the south off of I-95 in Lorton, VA) to Orlando (just to the north or Orlando in Sanford, FL). Train pulls out of the station at ~4pm, you need to be checked-in no later than 2p (noon is better), and the train arrives to the destination around 8:45am. It could take up to 2 hrs to unload your vehicle from the train car. Includes dinner and a continental breakfast. Prices vary based upon demand. Sleeper cars are a lot more expensive than seats (which are wide and roomy). You can book roundtrip or one-way.

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