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    Hi everyone,

    My bf & I are planning a trip from central NJ to Denver CO. We have 8 days total; sunday to sunday. We would like to hike/campout places along the way maybe the first 3-4 days then spend the last 3-4days in down town Colorado & hiking nearby spots/ exploring swimming holes. Looking for recommendations, tips, any advice & even driving routes (this is our first official 'road trip'). Other places of interest include water parks, botanical gardens, any thing worth seeing or experiencing really. Thanks in advance !

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Is this going to be a round trip? If so, you've got a pretty significant time problem. From New Jersey, you're looking at a bare minimum of 3 days on the road each way, and even that would be tough while camping.

    In other words, with just 8 days, you would just have enough time to drive there and back, and you wouldn't have hardly any time at all in Denver, certainly not the 3-4 days you hope to spend there.

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    hm. yes this is a round trip. I went to one of those General time/gas calculators & it gave about a 26hr trip from my location to Denver, that's why I thought we'd have time to stop along the way & enjoy the trip. maybe not hahaaa. So your saying its a 3 day trip there & a 3 day trip back making it 6 out of 8 days in the car total ? if so maybe flying would be a better option. thank you by the way for your time

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    Computer programs do not need to stop for food, fuel, traffic congestion and construction, never mind sleep. It's not a trip that can be measured in hours, it should be measured in days. If you want to spend some quality time in Colorado then flying and renting would be the better option unless you can find more time. As Michael mentioned, 3 days each way would be pushing it with setting up and tearing down camp each day.

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