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  1. Default Yellowatone to New Jersey in 2 weeks

    Hey everyone, im in yellowstone right now, and need to get to NJ to catch a flight home by the 19.8. Looking to take to north route, and looking for advice for places to see along the way. I know i wanna spend some time in denver and boulder in colorado, and also get to mount rushmore, and Chicago. Need help planning a route that makes sense. More into nature and national parks then big cities. Thanks a lot!

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    Default Use your maps.

    Is this all part of your big trip?

    You have 15 days to do a trip which could be done in five days of driving, so you have lots of time to check out some of your choices. You have no doubt been travelling with good maps, so if you look at them now, you will see what is available to you, along which ever route you choose to take. If you have not been travelling with the best information you can get on the road..... i.e. good maps, it is not too late now to get yourself a good road atlas, available at any big box store you pass, any truck stop and most places where you buy your fuel.

    All these questions will be answered by using good maps, giving you the choices you are looking for.


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