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    Default 21 day West Coast (Phoenix to LA)

    It's been over 20 years since I set foot in America and it's been on my mind to get back out there ever since. With my partners 40th coming up what better way to celebrate than a 21 day tour.

    Have created a road trip here!15...ource=copy&z=7.

    It's still a work in progress, more so on the coastal leg. Have tried to squeeze in as much as possible between each day, sometimes leaving a days long driver here and there followed by a 2 day stop. Any pointers / locations / sights anyone feels like suggesting are greatly appreciated.

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    Default This/That, Here/There

    The RoadTrip that you're contemplating is one of the most popular on these forums. So have a look at those previous discussions for others' ideas and what they've enjoyed. I would also seriously consider 'closing the loop' so that you're not incurring (if you are) one way drop-off fees on the rental car or 'open jaw' pricing on your airfare.

    With those basics out of the way, some specifics. One of my favorite, and often overlooked, vacation spots is Flagstaff AZ. Most people only pass through or use it as a base to hit the Grand Canyon, but there's so much more to explore in that immediate area including Walnut Canyon National Monument (NM), Sunset Crater Volcano NM, Wupatki NM, Oak Creek Canyon, Sedona, the Museum of Northern Arizona, and Lowell Observatory, Spending a few days in this area would not only help you get over your jet lag but also be rewarding in its own right.

    While I'm sure that, as seasoned travelers, you know to get a National Parks Pass at the first one you come to, note that Monument Valley and Four Corners are Navajo Tribal Parks and so your pass will not be good for entry to those venues.

    In Death Valley NP, try to get up north a bit and take the tour of Scotty's Castle. My wife and I both enjoyed the tour and narration there, and learned quite a bit about the history of the Valley. Similarly, while there's lots to do in the San Francisco area, many visitors miss the chance to go north just a bit, cross the Golden Gate Bridge, and explore/enjoy Point Reyes National Seashore.

    Otherwise you have a great trip planned and I'm a bit sorry to add more to an already jam-packed itinerary, so my biggest piece of advice is something I've already mentioned a few times: Enjoy!


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    In Death Valley NP, try to get up north a bit and take the tour of Scotty's Castle.

    Scotty's Castle is CLOSED until further notice due to flood damage, and is not likely to re-open to the public until 2019. All entry to Grapevine Canyon and Scotty's Castle district is currently prohibited.

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