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  1. Default The Ultimate Road Trip Across the Country

    Driving from the southwest coast to the northeast coast, you'll probably first have a nice drive through California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado up to Denver, and then have a boring drive through farms throughout either Kansas/Missouri or Nebraska/Iowa to Chicago, and even then it'll be mostly farms until Ohio/Pennsylvania.
    Well, being a Google Maps expert, I did manage to find an 11 day route from Los Angeles to Boston that lets you experience a lot of the great areas of the US while still getting to the final destination in a good amount of time. Here is the route.

    Day 1 (California, Nevada)
    1. Los Angeles into San Bernardino (lunch/brunch)
    2. San Bernardino to Sugarloaf (hike)
    3. Sugarloaf to Victorville (dinner)
    4. Victorville to Las Vegas (night)

    Day 2 (Nevada, Arizona, Utah)
    1. Las Vegas to St. George (lunch/brunch)
    2. St. George to Springdale (Zion)
    3. Springdale to Glendale (early dinner)
    4. Glendale to Salina (late dinner)
    5. Salina to Moab (night)

    Day 3 (Utah, Colorado)
    1. Moab to Telluride (visit)
    2. Telluride to Cortez (Mesa Verde)
    3. Cortez to Durango (visit)
    4. Durango to Pegosa Springs (night)

    Day 4 (Colorado, New Mexico)
    1. Pegosa Springs to Tierra Amarilla (brunch/lunch)
    2. Tierra Amarilla to Taos (visit)
    3. Taos to Santa Fe (visit)
    4. Santa Fe to Albuquerque (night)

    Day 5 (New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma)
    1. Albuquerque to Tucumcari (brunch/lunch)
    2. Tucumcari to Amarillo (visit)
    3. Amarillo to Elk City (visit)
    4. Elk City to Oklahoma City (night)

    Day 6 (Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee)
    1. Oklahoma City to Fort Smith (visit)
    2. Fort Smith to Hot Springs (visit, hike)
    3. Hot Springs to Memphis (visit)
    4. Memphis to Nashville (night)

    Day 7 (Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginia)
    1. Nashville to Knoxville (visit)
    2. Knoxville to Great Smoky Mountains (hike)
    3. Great Smoky Mountains to Winston-Salem(visit)
    4. Winston-Salem to Roanoke (night)

    Day 8 (Virginia, District of Columbia, Maryland)
    1. Roanoke to Washington & Jefferson Nat. Forest (hike)
    2. Washington & Jefferson Nat. Forest to Shenandoah (hike)
    3. Shenandoah to Washington DC (visit)
    4. Washington DC to Baltimore (night)

    Day 9 (Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey)
    1. Baltimore to York (brunch/lunch)
    2. York to Philadelphia (visit)
    3. Philadelphia to Wharton State Forest (hike)
    4. Wharton State Forest to Trenton (night)

    Day 10 (New Jersey, New York, Connecticut)
    1. Trenton to Edison (brunch/lunch)
    2. Edison to New York City (visit)
    3. New York City to Yonkers (visit)
    4. Yonkers to Bridgeport (night)

    Day 11 (Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts)
    1. Bridgeport to New London (visit)
    2. New London to Providence (visit)
    3. Providence to Wompatuck State Park (hike)
    4. Wompatck State Park to Boston (destination)

    What do you all think? I'm thinking of trying this someday, and do hope someone tries this out.

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    Welcome to RTA!

    Have you checked your mileages and added 20% to any "travel times" given to you by a mapping program? Some of this sounds doable, but other parts are definitely not to be messed with.

    Dinner in Victorville and overnight at Las Vegas -- that's about a 4 hour drive most evenings, but don't think it will be on either a Friday or Sunday evening. Then it will be closer to 6 hours. Because that is the most reasonable mileage highway between LA and LV, I-15 tends to get very congested.

    Late dinner in Salina and overnight in Moab, I'm hoping this is during the summer months when sundown is later. Otherwise, there's gorgeous scenery between Salina and Green River, and if it's dark, you won't want to be taking UT-128 down to Moab instead of US-191. (The 128 is an absolutely gorgeous drive.)

    Day 6 -- forget it. Without the stop at Hot Springs, you're looking at almost 700 miles of driving. On RTA, we know that 500-550 is about the top mileage anyone should be doing in a given day. (I haven't checked some of your other days, but that one jumped out at me because of a previous trip I've taken, and it seemed too long.)

    Day 7 is already at 562 miles not including your hike, or any time you want to take to see GSMNP. That would be a shame, not to have time to stop at scenic points, etc.

    Day 8 -- okay, seems reasonable, do you already know where the hikes are? Shenandoah wouldn't be difficult, as there are trail-heads right along the main highway through the park. The NF may be a little trickier.


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    I have to agree that it is a bit ambitious and rushed in places. Even day 2 would be pushing it at almost 500 miles and trying to visit Zion NP, not to mention the fabulous drive from Zion out through the Mt Carmel tunnel to Bryce canyon and taking UT scenic 12 to UT24 through Capitol Reef NP towards Moab.

    One other common theme here is that there are no boring drives, boring is simply a state of mind.

    Thanks for joining in and hope you enjoy RTA !

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