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  1. Default Planning Solo Road Trip Calgary AB to Montreal QC through the U.S.

    I am looking for advice on where to see and stop on a solo road trip from Calgary, Alberta to Montreal, Quebec. I am Canadian and haven't seen much of the U.S. so I would love to drive through the U.S. instead of Canada.
    I was thinking of stopping in Minneapolis, Chicago, Detroit, Niagara Falls, these are just a few options. I don't know much about these cities though! Any recommendations would be appreciated.
    I am going to give myself at least 7 days for the trip and will be leaving at the end of August.
    Any suggestions??
    This will be my first solo road trip.


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    The thing is that you'll need pretty close to five full days just to make the drive from Calgary to Montréal, so you don't really have time to explore multiple cities en route. Instead, I'd suggest that you pick one or two of the cities on your list, depending on how much time you finally decide to spend on the drive, and plan on taking a break of a day or two there. That would still leave you a little time to spend at sites along the way. Personally, I'd probably choose Minneapolis and/or Chicago, since they are roughly near the halfway point of your trip and would provide a break from driving and offer a good mix of museums, sporting events, and natural beauty. I'd actually suggest that you avoid Detroit and instead cross back into Canada at Port Huron/Sarnia. Niagara Falls would still be a possibility. More to the point, though, what types of things or activities were you hoping to include on your trip?


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