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    We are a traveling retired couple heading from Maine in South Carolina this coming October. I've done my homework on routes, lodging and major attractions. I'm looking for thoughts and ideas on the smaller, unique experiences that are easily missed. Things such as unique places to eat, places that capture the culture, off the beaten path types of things. Will be in the Columbia, Beaufort, Charleston, Wilmington NC area for about 8 days. Any ideas would be appreciated. If anyone is heading to Maine I'd be glad to help with any questions or suggestions. Happy Traveling!

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    On the Way: You say that you've researched the routes, but we don't know which routes you've chosen, making it difficult to suggest anything on the way down or back. If you are still open to altering your drive, I'd suggest that you do everything in your power to avoid the BosWash corridor (otherwise known as I-95) and use either an inland route following the Appalachians (I-84/I-81/Blue Ridge Parkway/I-77/I-26/etc.) or a coastal route that also threads the needle between various urban areas (I-84/US-209/I-476/US-202/US-13/US-17/etc.) You can take either route in either direction, but I'd probably avoid the 'coastal' route on a weekend. If you care to share your final decision(s) on routing and the amount of time you can devote to the drive each way, then we can probably recommend some worthwhile sights along those routes.

    In the 'South': I've spent a little time in the area you're going to be exploring and there are a few places that most people aren't aware of or using to their full potential. One category of such places is the swamps: Congaree Swamp National Park, Francis Marion National Forest and Old Santee Canal State Park. In Charleston, check out the City Market and the plantations along the Ashley River as well as the more famous Fort Sumter. There's also, if you're a naval history buff, the restoration of the CSS Hunley. While you're in the Beaufort area, I'd also suggest you take the ferry over from Cedar Island to Ocracoke and up the Outer Banks. Most people will hit Hatteras Light and Kitty Hawk. Fewer will go to the impressive Fort Raleigh National Historic Site.


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    Thanks for the helpful and thoughtful reply. Yes... avoid 95 and all the goes with it. Heading down I-84-81-77 with any side routes as spirit moves us. Congaree NP, City Mkt and Ft. Sumter are on the list. The ferry trip was a new idea as was the USS Hunley. Great input with my first question on RTA. Thanks again.

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